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First of Board of Directors and all employees TRADING COMPANY LTD YEN CHIEN THỊNH Tourism would like to send to customers cordial greetings, wishes health and happiness in life and success on the job.

Tourism today is an indispensable demand in the spiritual life of each one of us in modern civilized society. After working chain, intense study is the great moment when the discovery experience natural wonders, the cultural heritage world-class or learn about the beauty of national culture on all parts The beloved Vietnam. To meet this demand of the society is not only a responsibility but also a great honor for the tourism.

Our company always focus on improving the quality of tourist services to provide system stability and expansion throughout with hundreds of domestic and international partners including airlines, hotels, and the transport; addition, the company is to study and apply the quality management system according to international standards - ISO on the business management activities for departments and units of the Company. This is the basis for self-Company improving service quality, to meet the needs of the customer.

As an organizational unit for domestic travel with professional staff and instructors with years of experience, enthusiasm and rich hospitality, will certainly satisfy all the requirements of the customer.

Scope of activities of the company:

 - Organizing tours in the country.

 - Services to pick up staff director.

 - Business travel

 - Repair services for cars and motorcycles.

 - Fix replacement tires, tire polish.

 - Commercial.

We would like to become a companion of you for the upcoming trips.

Come to Chien Yen Thinh Travel to feel the difference.

Please contact us for more details.

Best regards!.

- Picking up staff and employees service

- Purchasing and repairing automobiles, travelling motorcycle of all kinds

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